About Us

The Gig – Hollywood

We are located at 7548 Melrose Ave. To get directions to The Gig from Google Maps, click here!
The Gig is strictly a 21 and over nightclub. Valid photo IDs are required for all customers. Band members under 21 are allowed only on stage during their performance and backstage for equipment setup and striking.

We have live music 7 nights per week. Please check our Calendar for schedules and the time doors open. Hope to see you here soon!

The Gig’s History
Founded in the mid nineties as an answer to the rash of corporate clubs cropping up throughout the country, The Gig has been a haven for new music for nearly a decade.

Located in the center of one of the world’s most vibrant neighborhoods, The Gig on Melrose fast became an LA mainstay. The club is widely known for its friendly staff and easy-going atmosphere, and was recently named “the most band-friendly venue in all of Los Angeles,” in an industry poll conducted by Music Connection Magazine as well as “outstanding venue” by the LAMA.

The Gig has developed a personality all its own over the years, quite different from the oft-maligned clubs that line the Sunset Strip, and the dozens of other live music venues that dot the LA landscape.

With acts as diverse as Michelle Branch, Linkin Park and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club who have tramped the stage on their path to superstardom, the Gig is devoted to uncovering and nurturing new talent. Providing the ideal venue for label showcases with three to four half-hour sets each night, many of the city’s managers and A&R representatives look to The Gig to get a feel for where the music scene is headed.

The Gig is that rare live venue and intimate setting that also boasts a substantial crowd. Now under new ownership, the club is paying homage to its legacy of breeding rock stars, in a way that is uniquely twenty-first century.

Live from the Gig (www.LiveFromTheGig.com) is the new home of The Gig’s live shows online, broadening exposure for the club and its bands in a way never before imaginable. Combining the visual talents of owner Peter O’Fallon, a renowned television and film director (“Suicide Kings,” “House,” “Blade”), and the quality of sound for which The Gig is known, the club figures to be a prominent part of the music revolution currently taking foot, enabling bands to achieve both a real world and a virtual audience through its efforts.

As Melrose and the surrounding areas of Hollywood continue to enjoy a renaissance, The Gig is evolving into a centerpiece of the city’s revered new music scene. The new owners see “Live from the Gig,” as it matures into a respected online resource for high-quality live recordings, driving this growth. Offering an even wider audience a chance to see exactly what goes on at The Gig each evening, in turn, will help cement the club’s reputation as a destination spot and one of the nation’s top live music venues.